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Using PolicyComNet

The Integrity of This Site Depends Upon the Professional Integrity of Each Member Who Joins

A Geoscience-Based Networking Site for Improving Public Policies, Not a Social Networking Site

  • PolicyComNet is a tool to assist GSA members to help fulfill an important element of the Society’s Mission — “promoting the geosciences in the service of humankind and the stewardship of the earth” (see Purpose of GSA Policycomnet on Welcome Page). GSA is a trusted nonpartisan source of geoscience information. Therefore, all member’s communications with policy makers must avoid endorsing candidates for elected office. Members may, of course, make their own endorsements as citizens, but not on behalf of the Society.
  • Any relevant geoscience issue can be discussed using PolicyComNet. However, whenever possible, GSA member communications using PolicyComNet should make reference to specific GSA Position Statements when they are relevant to the geoscience insights that are being considered in local, state, or regional policy. Position Statements have been developed based on consensus conclusions of expert panels working with the Geology and Public Policy Committee and the Statements have been adopted by the governing GSA Council.
  • If you wish to communicate on policy issues at the national level (congressional, presidential or federal agencies, etc.) Craig Schiffries, GSA Director of Geoscience Policy should be contacted. The DGP office may be able to provide additional background to your message. That office may also be able to help place your message in the context of other related communications from GSA and its members. To reach the Office of Geoscience Policy, click on “About GSA”, click on “Headquarters Staff“ and then on “Governmental Affairs”.
  • When a GSA member wishes to convey geoscience insights that are not in agreement with GSA Position Statement conclusions and recommendations, the member should provide the policy advice as a citizen and not on behalf of GSA. In such cases, please point out the differences of opinion in regard to the geoscience conclusions of the Position Statement to the GPPC by using the GSA website home page, click on “Contact GSA”, click on “the People”, click on “Committees” then click on “Geology and Public Policy”. GSA wishes to be aware of its member’s points of view in such cases.
  • If desired, you may wish to invite a scientist in a relevant subdiscipline who is not a member of GSA to join in your PolicyComNet facilitated communication planning. Invite them to join the discussion using the Join Policycomnet or Invite Your Collegues pages of the site.
  • If you have feedback or suggestions for improving PolicyComNet, including questions about or suggestions for the Guidelines for Using PolicyComNet, please contact us using Contact PolicyComNet. We welcome feedback.
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